Welcome To Mickey's Backpack!

Welcome To Mickey's Backpack!

Exciting news for everyone who loves visiting the parks! Mickey’s Backpack will release the first Park Pack Subscription Service! This Online exclusive box of essential and keepsake products, includes a mystery adult Disney themed backpack, as well as many selected items to make your time in the Parks more enjoyable! I often take a backpack into theme parks because I like having all of the things, I could need available to me at all times. Disney World days can be long! Having several essentials on hand can make your days much more enjoyable.

We wanted a way for everyone to continue visiting the Parks in a prepared manner. I love that the Park Packs will contain a variety of essential must haves and some keepsake products, which is something we know everyone loves collecting. 

We have three options to choose from: the Park Pack, the Park Pack Plus and the most valuable, the Park Pack Premium!

The Park Packs may include both Disney and other quality brand supplier's products such as characters from animated features or attractions at Disney Parks, essential healthcare items, organizational, weather related and great collectible items. All these items can be purchased separately at the resorts and theme parks, but do you want to pay a premium price? Choose your Park Pack and save yourself some $MONEY$.

Park Packs Now Available At: mickeysbackpack.com
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